Donna Cooper

Donna Cooper

Sunday, November 14, 2010


  1. Mary is usually shorted to Polly.
  2. Sarah is usually Sally.
  3. Margaret is Greta, Marg, Marj, Maggie, and sometimes even Peggy or Margaretta.
  4. Martha is usually Patsy.
  5. William is usually Bill.
  6. James is sometimes Jim.
  7. Amelia and Camilla are female's names usually used in the South.
  8. Dicy is a female's name often seen in Georgia and North Carolina.
  9. Alsy is the same as Alice and used sometimes in North Carolina and Georgia. 
  10. Priscilla is sometimes Celia, Selia, or Selah and is often used in the South. 
  11. Junior is not always the son of someone with the same first name - Example: James Haddock, Jr. could be the son of Sam Haddock.
  12. Names such as Charles, James, Phillip, and John are often English in origin.
  13. Names such as Gertrude, Margaretta, Johan, Hilda, George, Jacob, Katrinia, Ermina, Frances - Francis, Fernando, Alburtis, Abraham, Frank, and Frederick are often German in origin.
  14. Women's names such as Comfort, Asenath, Abigail, Katherine, Samantha, Repentance, Silent, Thankful, Experience, Hepzibal, and Bathsheba are usually New England in origin but sometimes Comfort shows up in the Quaker records.
  15. Men's names such as Emanuel, Gideon, Ebenzier, Titus, Isaac, Giles, and Linus are usually New England in origin.
  16. In the 1600's in New England and in the pioneer days of our country Bible names and words were very popular for given names.
  17. In a Quaker family Phebe, Phariby, Lydia, Charity, Millicent, Lettice, Feribee, Prudence, Christian, and Sarah were all popular female names.
  18. And for the men Quakers liked the names of Joseph, Thomas, Samuel, Isaac, Mordacia, and Demsey.
  19. All pioneer families seemed to use the names of Sarah, Mary, John, William, and Elizabeth.
  20. Irish and some Scottish families used names such as Patrick, Timothy, Alexander, Michael, Nathaniel, Catherine, Hugh, Cornelius, and Mary Catherine.
  21. The Scandinavian people liked names such as Lars, Erick, Hjelmer, Brita, Maria, Marj, Johanna, Kristina or Tina, Emil, Verner, Wilbert, Frans, Sofia, Willhelm, Kajsa, and Johan.
  22. The president's names show up in almost all areas of the US - Example: George Washington Haddock, Andrew Jackson Haddock, Thomas Jefferson Haddock, Martin Van Buren Haddock, Benjamin Franklin Haddock, and Warren Gemanuel Harding Haddock.
  23. Mother nature might show up in an American Native family line. Names such as Walkingstick, Running Water and Morning Star are often seen. In the early days and of the Eastern Tribes names that had no reflection upon nature were sometimes used. Examples: Pocahontas and Powhatton. 
  24. Often times slave names were carried down from the original owner and might have moved along with the slave. Usually only first names were assigned, but they were often mentioned in wills and in deeds.


  1. Excellent description of names. This will help me with my research however, I was hoping that you had a given name for Tacy. Perhaps you will find one in the future.

  2. The girl's name Tacy is usually pronounced TAY-cee. According to the origin of name books it is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Tacy is "silence". It might also be intended as a short form of Anastacia. Initially, is thought to have been used as a given name by the Society of Friends, the Quakers.

    It could also be short for some other name ending in that sound.