Donna Cooper

Donna Cooper

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Attitudes Are Important - Even in Genealogy

At times web site work of a volunteer is a very tedious and tiresome job with little thanks - while on the other hand is a rewarding experience and the results can be helpful and an aid to researchers in their quest for knowledge.  For a regular week’s submissions on a genealogy site there are generally different categories of photos and information that come in submitted by all types of researchers and all types of attitudes.

All sorts of people read the Barry County, MO, web pages. Categories for researchers range from beginners, intermediate and advanced to professional and so on. Then there is the experimental type of researcher so they should have a category, too. The experimental type often wants the coordinator or web master to look up the files for them and contribute very little to the total process. Those who have the "give me all you've got attitude" come and go.  They are often lazy and do nothing to help. They generally brag about the total amount of files that they have in their data base, not mentioning that none are sourced. They are not always beginners and can be seen at all levels of experience.

Attitudes are important, too, and shouldn’t be unrated. Some researchers are pleasant and nice to work with but there are a few who are bossy and complain a lot. The bossy ones are opinionated and think that they know everything when in fact - they probably know nothing – just have opinions. The pleasant ones are often the ones who have information and contribute generously. They often know a lot about their families and share with other people. They work hard for themselves and for others, too. Attitude can't be the determining factor of success? Or can it?

It shouldn't be so but at times it appears that the attitude of the researcher determines the success of a genealogy web site. If this is so then when is the seed planted? Does the coordinator set the tone by allowing bossy ones to take over and drag down the attitude of the pleasantly generated workers of the web site? 

If a coordinator gives priority to the attitude of researchers then where does genealogy rank on the list and when does this volunteer have time to work? Yes, attitudes are important but should not take over the work time and productiveness of the web site.

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