Donna Cooper

Donna Cooper

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Listing Directions


  1. Benjamin Haddock lived south of here on the old Jefferson place about a mile from where Thomas Haddock lived in 1880. 
  2. It was warm in the South - not it was warm in the south.   

Records should be listed as they are written in the public record. 

  1. Example: Charles Haddock, Jr., had four patents in Barry County. They were in 1852, 1853, 1857 and 1859.
  2. In 1852 he had a patent for 40 acres that was of the SWSE of Section 10, twp 25N, Range 28W of the 5PM of Barry County, MO.
  3. In 1853, Charles Haddock, Jr. patented 40 acres that was in the SESE of Section 10, 25N, 28W of 5th PM, Barry Co., MO.
  4. In 1857 Charles Haddock had a patent for 80 acres in E 1/2 SE of Section 11, 25N, 28 W, 5th PM of Barry. In 1859, he had a patent for 80 acres that was13, Section 15, 21 N, 26W of the 5th PM of Barry County, MO.

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