Donna Cooper

Donna Cooper

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Help With Reporting Facts


Records don't show us anything. - It is incorrect to report a record like this: "Newspaper records show that Noah was the son of Charles Haddock." Correct usage example: "The death record that was reported in the Barry County Democrat reads that Noah was a son of Charles Haddock, Jr." 

Mary was not a Jones!!!!!!! - Should read: I am certain that Mary was not Mary nee Jones! Or - I have proof that Mary's maiden name was not Jones!  

Be kind when you report errors to people. When a person uses a number of exclamation marks just to make their point, is certainly an act of unkindness. I personally think that messages like that have been generated by ignorant people who are also rude.

I assume that you feel this is your family since ... The way a person feels has nothing to do with the facts. Be sure and state why and give facts. 

Facts should be reported with clarity  

It says that she was married to Ralph Black. - This line should read something like this: "The Cassville Democrat reported her married to Ralph Black in January of 1898 and her license was issued in February of that same year." 

She was supposed to have been married to Ralph Black. - This line should state that she was allegedly thought to have been married to Ralph Black but no record was located to prove that superlative statement. Using some words that describe what happened would help to explain the situation so that the researcher has an understanding of where the information came from would be good. 

She's buried somewhere in Washburn. This one should read something like this: "Since Washburn only has the one main cemetery, the best place to look for her burial spot would be in Washburn Prairie Cemetery."

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