Donna Cooper

Donna Cooper

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reporting Facts on Genealogy Charts


No date and no location is sloppy and a matter of poor record keeping. Post everything in complete form. Never assume that everyone else knows. 

If you have no idea at all about the birth and place of birth then do some research before you post anything.
See examples given below:

  1. Cassville, Barry County, MO - not Cassville, MO, not Cassville, Mo. - not Cassville, Barry Ctny, Mo.
  2. New Site Cemetery, near Monett, Barry Co., MO - not New Site Cemetery, Barry Co., MO - or New Site Cemetery, Capps Creek Twp., Barry Co., MO - And Cemetary is not the correct spelling. 
  3. Born abt 1844 - not ca 1844 [And not 1844 unless a record states that it is that date.]
  4. Born between 1940 - 1944 - not left blank [Children will be born within 20 to 25 years of the marriage of their parents - estimates help with the finding of facts.]
  5. James Johnson, born abt 1820, wife Sarah Nelson born abt 1821, married abt 1841 [Marriage will be about 20 years after the female's birth.] Children were James, Mary, and Sarah - born between 1841 and 1861.
  6. James Jones, born abt 1944 in Cassville, Barry County, MO - not James Jones born abt 1944.

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